Friday, July 9, 2010

Look at me and see what I don't show you...

This is not an ordinary blog, It's a strange one where 'being vague' is allowed. It's about me and who I am without an accurate profile. Giving information away is boring. I don't need to put up a detailed description of myself, moreover I like my fortress of emotional overgrowth. It's up to you to look inside. If you don't care to..I won't bother. I will not introduce myself unless you fascinate me.

I'm lying. I just have vulnerability issues.
A glance at my life won't hurt though. So I was born on the second day in the month of June which gave unto Mercury the power to control me. Gemini or the twins 'they' call us...uhm... sorry 'me'...I wear a different avataar for each personality. Variety is the spice of life. I believe that my overactive imagination, astute randomness and insomnia are due to the planetary alignments at birth. I, am that foolishly optimistic nocturnal thinker who contemplates my purpose in this life and whether destiny trumps free-will or when in doubt I just argue with my maker. Apart from that, I'm Greek obsessed-I can never get enough of ancient mythology and in particular-Goddess Athena and her Owl. Disappearing acts are characteristically ME and solitary escape revive my soul. That is, of course metaphorically and physically aching need to be close, yet far away from people. Music takes me to realms of my minds eye I never even knew existed. I love historical fiction so much it makes me abhor reality on occasions. When I'm not using a book to get lost in a parallel universe I befriend a canvas to reflect my thoughts, dabble with colors or sometimes just paint visions in black.

Rebellion is not a stranger to me. It is who I am. I breathe non-conventionality and it drives me on. Motivation comes from dreaming about things I have yet to see, people that fascinate me and situations conjured up in my head. It breaks the monotony of this life. At this juncture, as a viewer reading my blog I'm sure you realize that I completely lack 'structure of thought', but then so does the script in 'Before sunset'...If you didn't identify with that movie, your definition of 'awesomeness' is way off!

Now my mind is tired and I need to go sniff out some inspiration. I probably will find it in the fridge between the salami and the smoked cheese and that will equip me to write again soon! Of course I also need some drama, pre-concieved notions and completely irrational thoughts which is not alien to my life or family atmosphere.. to complete my day! Don't worry though, before I burn down my bridges I will find that bottle of Port..deep red and so alluring.. and she will save me from this quagmire. Till next time... the voices in my head say bye to you all!